Closed offices due to Stage 4 restrictions

The health of our staff and clients is very important to us, because of this our office will be closed from Monday, 3rd of August 2020 until further notice. Please refer to official government sources for up to date information on this issue. Should you have any queries during this difficult period, please contact our … Continue Reading

Who is Lifespan

Lifespan Financial Planning (AFSL 229892)  remains one of Australia’s largest privately owned adviser networks, with no ownership links whatsoever to any of the banks, fund managers or insurance providers.Lifespan strives to partner with advisers and advice firms to build successful businesses through the provision of quality tailored services and support, financial products and education. Lifespan … Continue Reading

Our office is temporarily closed

04/05/2020 UPDATE: Our office has now reopened, we have introduced new safety procedures such as hand sanitizers throughout the office and regular cleaning of surfaces with antibacterial wipes. The health of our staff and clients is very important to us, because of this our office will be closed from Monday, 30th of March 2020 until … Continue Reading

Who We Are

We are a privately owned financial planning practice and member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia. At Everprime Financial Planning our number one focus are our clients, we provide full comprehensive advice and tailor-made strategies to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives.

What kind of return is better: cash or capital growth?

You might have heard the terms ‘income return’ and ‘capital return.’ These are the two different ways to make money on an investment. Income return is the return you receive while you continue to hold an investment. In the sharemarket, the income return comes as dividends. In the property market, the income return comes as … Continue Reading

The Federal Budget 2018. What it means for you…

The Federal Budget was handed down last Tuesday, May 8, 2018. While the measures announced in the budget are yet to be passed by Parliament, we can generally assume that most of the announcements will become reality. From an individual perspective – especially if you do not grow illegal tobacco or participate in the black … Continue Reading

The best tax-free investment there is

When you sell an investment that has increased in value, you will typically be subject to capital gains tax, or CGT. That said, there are certain assets that can be sold CGT-free. The CGT-free asset par excellence is the home. The concept of the home as a CGT free investment (and as a Centrelink free … Continue Reading

Positive Gearing. What is it, how does it happen and do you want it anyway

You have probably heard the term ‘positive gearing.’ It is a similar concept to negative gearing, which is certainly in the news a lot these days. We use the term ‘gearing’ whenever debt is used to fully or partly finance an investment. If you have $90,000 of your own and borrow $10,000 to buy an … Continue Reading